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Dunbar Community Garden Project

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I first visited the Dunbar Garden for an anthropology class service-learning project. I didn't quite know what to expect, but decided to bring my camera along to help document the experience. My first steps through the gate exposed me to a truly magical place, abundant and rich with diversity and life! Rows of crops and flowers spread out before me, interrupted by interesting structures that housed various plants and animals. A photographer's dream! I spent my first visit roaming around capturing photos of everything I could get close to - the chickens, beekeepers, the greenhouse, compost heaps, fig trees, bat boxes, decorations, and of course all the flowers and plants my macro heart could possibly desire!

Throughout my volunteer experiences I always have my camera in tow, trying to capture the spirit and heart that is put into this wonderful space. A space that is helping to alleviate food insecurities in our community, and educate future generations about where food comes from. I completely admire and respect all the hard work Damian Thompson and Chris Wyman, as well as the countless sponsors and dedicated volunteers, put into this amazing project.

I always look forward to working and volunteering with these inspiring people, and will have my camera in hand so that I may share my experiences with my friends, family, and our greater community.

- Autumn Erickson


"the Dunbar Garden Project

The Dunbar Garden project is a two-acre outdoor classroom. Our mission is to preserve the relationship between education and the natural world by providing hands-on, outdoor, education for school children, teenagers and adults. One key focus is teaching children the origin of the foods they eat. There are over 150 hands on gardening and environmental education classes for school children taught each year.

Plant Ideas, Grow Minds.

Our garden serves the students from the adjacent Gibbs International Magnet Elementary School and Dunbar Magnet Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The garden functions as an innovative public/private partnership between the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department, Gibbs and Dunbar Schools.

We are open to the public for learning opportunities and tours. All groups are welcome!"

For more information visit:

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