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Coffin Temple (next to Wat Hua Lamphong) in Bangkok, Thailand

Coffin Temple (next to Wat Hua Lamphong) - Photo 3

At a Chinese temple (義德堂) next to Wat Hua Lamphong, you can donate coffins for the burial of the destitute deceased at 500 baht. This goes towards the payment for the coffin & burial ceremony for those who can't afford the cost of death rites or unclaimed bodies from accidents or illnesses.

Coffin donation is considered a form of merit-making for the Thais. It's an act of compassion even if you are not Buddhist.

You will have 2 slips of paper when you make the donation; the pink one, you stick to the wooden empty coffin & the white slip you burn it at an altar where the deities are. It takes less than 15 minutes to make a donation.

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