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Under the Lights...

It's better under the lights!

September 10, 2011, UofM vs. ND. The very first night game in the famous Michigan University Stadium. The Wolverines! Go Blue! you know. Among the best collegiate football team in America. An icon in a lot of places. The thing is that it was a historical game for UofM and the alumnae in general. From what started as a Native American land gift a college was born, The University of Michigan (a little history). It was at first but a small university with a vision for excellence, a university that grew to have one of the best medical, Law and Engineering schools (among others) in USA. Football for them is a religious experience, a 103 degrees fever that need to be fed with a lot of grilled meat, beer, loud music, very loud cheers and playing a lot of family games while hanging all together in the parking lot of the stadium, waiting for the "game" to start. And they do this every year, since 1879 I believe, for six or eight weeks in a row. Don't take me wrong, I love football too, I enjoy plenty the whole experience at the stadium but it's just that I'm not obsessed with it. However this one was a big deal because "The Lights". Their motto was "Under the Lights" with a lot of t-shirt's variations in the theme. For first time in Michigan football history they would be playing at night, against no other than Notre Dame. The official inauguration of a brand new light system. It was great! They went to beat the Irish in a phenomenal game! I took this few pics while in "I'm- catching-my-breath" breaks, I was shooting that night for "the company" but I shot few personal ones with a pocket camera I always carry just in case. Better a shitty camera that no camera at all! It was an enjoyable gig that one that night, until the fun stop! You see, I'm such a one track-minded person when I decide to do somenthing that only takes a scare to make me pay attention. My Dr. say I couldn't do it (It will hurt or else!), my husband said the same. I kind of doubted myself but haven't done much after retiring, due of health issues, I felt I got to try it, a last paid gig that is. Taking pics of what it was required by my employer was a real challenge, bigger that I imagined. It's a young woman's gig! that were my thoughts (realization hurts!) nine hours later and a quasi-blackout while walking up and down the stairs of the stadium. I got so light headed and nauseous I almost passed out for exertion! After works, I said forget this! I need to re-access these field trips! So I did. Thanks Wolverines! Two wins in one night. It was a great game, Go Blue!

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