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The project "From the Light" is a portrait of my family, each member of her being photographed nude up to the waist.

Through the way I decided to illustrate these portraits, the editing process itself, I wanted to emphasize the concept that for me the family is saint. This is why I chose to represent the family members as some holy envelop in a bath of light come out from it. For this to be possible I have resorted to a certain treatment of the image: pinkish skin, clean, slightly pale, bright eyes with a slight glow, giving the impression that you have an encounter with pure beings , idealistic, untouchable...

My intention was to raise my family from the status of humans, human an imperfect being, loaded with the burden of original sin and specific defects of human being, to the rank of the saint, the supreme being, sacred, divine and utopian

I chose to represent my family in a way more intimate and sincere, without the curtain, so I have resorted to the nude.

This project is a tribute to my family, which although it is not perfect, for me represents the light, love, the source of fulfillment, motivation, peace and the supreme reason to return home, the place where I belong, where I found food for my body and soul.

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  • Photo By Lorne

    Photo By Lorne said (6 Feb 2012):

    Your approach is known as "gutsy" in English.

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