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Upside down..what a nice visual pleasure... my world is upside down..which way to choose UP or DOWN?

The life choices are so difficult, we only live once and we are so often limited by time, space, knowledge, heart and fiction...especially fiction....evil. We all are given a simple ordinary narrative, a couple of buttercups perfectly suitable for each other, they are bursting with happiness mixed with sparkles and obviously we all expect the same. Perfectness in adverts. Once we can't find the right one, we leave many suitable people behind us-in order not to waste our time and eventually we come to conclusion, that real happiness doesn't exist and we should wake up a pretty long time ago. Stop seeking for more you skinny beggar! We don't live in a film, illusion of a happy end. Pure dull fairytale tend to be for children, not for adults. How about if we are childish deep inside in adult bodies for the rest of our lifes? Oooops. Drama. Fictional drama. This particular genre has always been a core of life, we just can't admit it in a hope of better times, that will never come. We lived it until now. Childhood and Pubescence. Life is a ****, that will hit us upside down. Back to reality. Dot.

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