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tell her that I felt.

whisper into she ear that I was calling her name.

with all the flavor and love.

Fly my soul to see her.

let the sky was so blue and full of light.

so I could take her hand to come out.

let all the mysteries that remain a mystery.

I was not disappointed as all must remain a secret.

because that's how she was to survive.

Being remembered it all when we meet.

will we meet again?

please, get up from a deep sleep.

I believe with everything, because I saw it.

I appreciated all that every step you take.

and you also had promised to meet me again.

please, get up from a deep sleep.

move your lips for just a word and sound.

So I'm sure you only sleep for a while.

I believe that's the way you love me.

full of mystery to protecting me.

all the way to live.

I dedicate this work to: Louisse Assegaff.

get well.

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  • ika sai

    ika sai gave props (6 Jan 2012):

    ok...disampaikan...i do believe tooo...

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