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Shadow of Lie: Inspiration has Disappeared

Shadow of Lie
Shadow of Lie #8
Shadow of Lie #9
Shadow of Lie #2
Shadow of Lie #10

Shadows of Lie,

Standing are among us, moving as we move.But the shadow is a distortion that is not easily understood. Moreover, only with words that sometimes can only be written.

Shadows of Lie,

Moved at will without anything useful. No matter the distance and the time though sometimes disappeared without a trace. Shadows also had no feelings.

Shadows was moving at will but do not have a heart. Shadows danced among the bright lights at all. The shadow resembles the place where it is located. Look soft or firm in which he rests.

Shadows of Lie,

Just a stopover while when there is glare. After night fell, the shadow disappeared. And the shadow is simply a distortion of the body are constantly moving between the light. The shadow is only needed a light.

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