Photo Essay

Berlin's Strange Inhabitants

I recently moved to Berlin, an exciting city with a raw edge left to it. There are so many places that just seem to beg you to take a photo. So after having spent nearly two weeks there, constantly regretting not having a camera at hand, I finally set out with my camera to discover Germany's capital. What I hadn't expected was to encounter these strange inhabitants inviting me into their shop filled with old requisites from film and theatre productions. Unfortunately, inside taking photos wasn't allowed but leaving this very unique shop I had a very interesting "conversation" with the "shopkeepers" who were quite willing models.

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  • muji ali

    muji ali said (13 Mar 2012):

    Zajmując się problemem artylerii koronnej pierwszy raz o tym słyszę. Nię mówię żę podobna sytuacja nie mogła by mieć miejsca.

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