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State of mind
the mask

When we climb another step on the

ladder of life, towards college, our state

of mind is that of complete confusion.

When leaving loved ones behind and going

to a far off place, amidst new and

different people, the kid that was asleep

inside our hearts is awakened.

The child then reminds us of the fear that

we had faced when stepping into school.

We develop the the same emotions- fear

of not fitting in, terror of losing loved

ones and a sense of responsibility for our

own lives.

In the beginning, the world feels full

of people, enjoying, laughing, living life

and uniting for on-going activities.

We tend to live in the moment

taking all the little joys deep inside

avoiding the questions asked by our

confused,worried and rational minds.

As time passes we begin to look past the

huge cloud of people and observe the true

colors of life, sometimes light sometimes


We realise that what we had percieved as

the obvious truth was in fact the half

truth.People have many faces and we make

the innocent mistake of believing everything

shown to us.We make the mistake of

completely trusting the new members of

our life...


After learning from these mistakes

only we realise

that the journey of life is filled with


Slowly and steadily we choose and trust the

people who den trust us back and become our

dear ones.

We join them in their journey and they

become a part of ours.

When we look at the past and compare

it to the present, we realise who our close

friends are and will remain throughout

this stepping stone of life..... COLLEGE.

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