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I miss you


Hey my JPG pals.

I'd just like to say that I miss you. I've checked in this morning for the first time in a while to see what people have been up to and your photography is stunning as always.

Me, I've had my head down working on the site for the new magazine we're launching, Everywhere, which will be a travel magazine made in mostly the same way we make JPG. (I say "mostly" because the subject matter is different, so we're doing it slightly differently, but only slightly.) I'm pretty excited but also pretty exhausted from working 60-70 hours each week. Last week I got to slow it down a bit, but I'm back in it this week for the last stretch. It's a drag because all I really want to do is chill out for a couple days, do the dishes that have been sitting in my sink, scan some negatives, go out with my friends... Instead I'm getting home late, eating mediocre take-out, and crashing. So depressing.

(Do you like how I worked a connection in to my construction photo in this post? Because Everywhere is under construction, like how 10 years ago websites would have that animated GIF with the dude hammering something in a little yellow street sign to suggest that the site was under-- yeah, you get the picture. Some day soon, if not already, we're gonna look back at those little animated GIFs like how TV looks back at Lawrence Welk.)

I managed to have a work-free weekend this past weekend, and somehow I took a week-and-a-half-long vacation in the middle of all this last month, so I shouldn't complain, but I'm gonna because I believe in the 40-hour work week and letting programmers get decent rest so their thinkers stay in top form, and waaaaaaaaah, I know, **** **** ****. But on the other hand, I'm putting in the time because I want this new site to work right, because I think it's cool and worth it. Or as right as it can without me going off the deep end and beginning to believe I'm a little girl in the same orphanage as a spunky curly-haired redhead singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" and let's face it, nobody needs to see or hear me do that.

Filmwise, I've got about 12 rolls of negatives I need to pare down and get the good stuff rescanned at a higher resolution so I can post it here, and that's always a long process because scanning cross-processed stuff is hard and I'm a perfectionist and OMFG you don't even know how finicky I get about it. Seriously, I'll spend four hours one night scanning stuff and rescanning stuff and end up with six pictures. It's obnoxious. Okay, admittedly, four hours scanning stuff and eating dinner and watching the Logo network on cable or something. But still.

Anyway, hi there, thanks for sharing your awesome photos, and I miss you. Also, Gigi and Suzette, WAY TO SCAN YOUR FACE. Scanned for SCIENCE AND HUMANITY. Yes!

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