Where I'm At

Central Florida

Edgewater, Florida
Homestead FL
What city do you live in? What neighborhood?

Edgewater, Florida aka The Florida Shores, although there is not shore adjacent.

What are some adjectives that describe your neighborhood?

The epitome of middle class suburban sprawl.

How long have you lived there, and what brought you there?

On and off 16 years.

What is your favorite thing about this place? Your least favorite?

No sewer rats.

Do you feel that you belong there?

Like a fish out of water.

What is the most common misconception about where you live?

That it's a pristine nature preserve in a tropical paradise.

What is a special fact about your city that you have to live there to know?

1 in 3 homes house a drug dealer.

What aspect of your city do you secretly love?

The People.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Florida, a place where people come to die.

2 responses

  • James Wiley

    James Wiley gave props (17 Feb 2012):

    Love the story and as always, love your cynical imagery!

  • Fred Moskey

    Fred Moskey   said (7 Apr 2012):

    Good story, sad to say but most cities are just the same. Drugs are going to be the downfall of this once great country. You used to be able to escape this plague by moving to a rural area, but no more, drugs are just as bad out in the country as in the city. I shouldn't complain, if it wasn't for drugs and alcohol I wouldn't have had a job.

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