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Nigeria, Hot Boiling Bowl Of Utterly Spicy Pepper Soup!

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My first Nigerian Adventure...

I've traveled the world and Africa as well but Nigeria is my roughest experience so far. I have been in the south only of this immense country of countless tribes, languages and religions so this is my little story.

Main problem is security, if your rich, or in my case, white (your considered to be rich) there is the danger of being kidnapped.... So you have to organize security, man with guns that is... It's the combination of poverty, the ambition to wear fancy clothes and drive big cars and entrepreneurship that leads to these kinds of "solutions".

It took me some days to get used to that, in general I can say that Nigerians are loud, hot tempered and very, very friendly. It's like one big family and I regret that we have lost these essentials in life in the western world. The ability to communicate, to help and last but not least, to smile and be happy!

In Nigeria you have to be alert 24/7, loud music everywhere, loud, arguing voices, traffic is a disaster, no fixed prices for nothing, hard negotiating is essential, power drops every day....

If your grown up in Nigeria, your stress proof for the rest of your life.

The food is a big challenge too, they like to chew so skin, veins and other parts of the cow, parts that westerners considered to be waste. Moreover it's tear splashing spicy as they ad pepper to everything in huge amounts!

Corruption is a big problem in Nigeria, I've seen several times policeman asking and accepting bribes at roadblocks. But the big man, the 10% elite is the main problem, their money hunger is beyond believe and you see a shocking gap between the poor and the rich. Billion dollar villa's next to slums, people with no more possessions than the clothes they wear next to Big SUV's escorted by security pick-up trucks with heavy armored man.

Transportation is a challenge as well, since any road of the main track is more pothole than road it may cost hours before reaching your destination, if you end up in traffic, go-slows, an 80 km track may cost you as much as 6 hours! Hours in an intense humid, hot, dusty and polluted environment, there are no rules, survival of the fittest! If your lost, just shout, hey brother/sister and they will help you out if they can with a big smile, well done!

With this in mind you have to forget expectations or you will be frustrated several times a day.

Nigerians are loud and sometimes rough but politeness is highly appreciated, especially to older people you have to show your respect. Nigerians are very religious as well, you see all kind of churches with crazy names like: "Mountain of Fireworks and Miracles" and "Ministry of Perfection". They are very talented ass well, writers, musicians, poets and sculptors from Nigeria are worldwide recognized.

I've been 3 weeks in this chaotic, hot, dusty, friendly and colorful country. Sometimes it was hard because of all these security issues but in general I had a good time and left with a little pain in my heart....

Nigeria Rules! Big Time!

Thanx Brothers, Sisters, Aunties and Uncles and last but not least....Tracy my Love!

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