The Project

Go To Hell

Save Your Eye!
hair bridge
Jahanam Hell
because it does not sholat
result fornicate
Iron Punishment
because treasure of love

Any action will be required responsibilities. if people would reply to legal sanctions in hell and if it really will be avenged with the enjoyment of heaven. That is the ordinance of God, we must believe.

I tried to describe the pain and the pain of punishment in hell. through photography, and correction through computer software. Barbie were human semiotics. I made this with the existing limitations on me.

Let us do and be careful in life. Because believe me, people will receive retribution from his actions.

Obey and execute the command of God. Steer clear of prohibited acts of God. That's the way to free us from the torment of hell!

2 responses

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (27 Mar 2012):

    Wow! Very powerful photos & story!

  • Akhmad Zona Adiardi

    Akhmad Zona Adiardi said (28 Mar 2012):

    thank's Michele, I will make again

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