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A stroll around Hong Kong

I am privileged to live right next door to one of the major cities in Asia: Hong Kong. As well as being an incredible city, it is also my birthplace. Although I only spent the first year of my life in Hong Kong, I feel an incredible sense of familiarity when I roam the busy, and crowded streets. The constant trips from Macau to Hong over the years have become ingrained in my mind, and my constant craving to return to Hong Kong, is satisfied. Until recently, the trips have always been with my parents, however this time I decided to travel on my own. I boarded the familiar red and white coloured jetfoil, and was soon whisked away to Hong Kong, which was around 40 km away. As my feet walked off the gangplank, my camera dangled around my neck and for the first time I was overwhelmed at how much freedom I had. All the other trips to Hong Kong were with family, and were filled with things to get, people to see, and errands to run. I slowly walked out of customs, and then out into the hustle and bustle of the city. I stopped, unsure of which direction to go, knowing full well that any which way would lead me on an adventure with many wonderful photo opportunities. I finally decided a general direction and started to walk. Here are the places I ended up.

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