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Salute to Indian Dancers

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There are many types of dance in India, from those which are deeply religious in content to those which are danced on more trivial happy occasions. Classical dances of India are usually always spiritual in content, although this is often true also of Folk dances.

Salute to all the dancers of India, for their brilliant performance. I have just captured some of the public dances in different parts of India.

Bharata Natyam from Tamil Nadu.

Bharata Natyam dance has been handed down through the centuries by dance teachers (or gurus) called nattuwanars and the temple dancers, called devadasis. In the sacred environment of the temple these families developed and propagated their heritage.

Odissi from Odisa

Odissi is based on the popular devotion to Lord Krishna and the verses of the Sanskrit play Geet Govinda are used to depict the love and devotion to God. The Odissi dancers use their head, bust and torso in soft flowing movements to express specific moods and emotions.

The form is curvaceous, concentrating on the tribhang or the division of the body into three parts, head, bust and torso; the mudras and the expressions are similar to those of Bharatnatyam. Odissi performances are replete with lores of the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Krishna. It is a soft, lyrical classical dance which depicts the ambience of Orissa and the philosophy of its most popular deity, Lord Jagannath, whose temple is in Puri. On the temple walls of Bhubaneshwar, Puri and Konark the dance sculptures of Odissi are clearly visible.

Sambalpuri folk dance from Sambalpur, Odisa

This is a traditional strong rhythm based folk dance of Western Orissa. Sambalpuri dance is a group-dance from Sambalpur region in eastern part of India. This dance performed by the tribal people in festive mood.

Sambalpuri dance comprises of one of the most exquisite form of aesthetic expression for both men and women. The people of rural Sambalpur, particularly those living in the forests, usually perform this dance in the open air on moonlit night. It was to soothe their weary nerves, tired after a day of manual work. Women also perform this dance for the well being of their brothers and family members.

With time, Sambalpuri dance has become more diverse with innovative tunes, musical rhythms, and movement of the body.

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  • Donald Garrett

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    Voted!! Outstanding entry for this theme. So informative and colorful.

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    Rajeev Jadhav gave props (2 Apr 2012):

    Saroj my vote to your different story and wonderful photos. Outstanding

  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (2 Apr 2012):

    A lovely story, beautiful stills to go along & so nice that U explain some of the dances! voted!

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    Regenia Brabham gave props (3 Apr 2012):

    A beautiful photo essay backed by wonderful images. My vote for story of the week too.

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    הריקוד זה שפה כול כך יפה
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    מקווה שיום אחד אגיע להודו לראות את כול המפעים והאנשים המדהימים
    צילום מיוחדים ...

  • aviva demarmari

    aviva demarmari gave props (3 Apr 2012):

    יפה מאוד

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    Saroj Swain gave props (5 Apr 2012):

    Thanks Aviva.. I could translate your words from Google translate and I understand your feelings. from India to israel is not far. You can visit any time and I will be your guide in India... Thanks!!!

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    Great work compliments

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