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Legendary Yezdi in Mahabali's kingdom

Yezdi Roadking motorcycle, Made by Ideal Jawa of Mysore, India. Traditional Desi bike feature story
Yezdi Roadking 2 two stroke engine closeup photo: cylinder gearbox carburetor exhaust toolbox
Yezdi Roadking B&W speedometer dial, classic Kerala bike, India
Yezdi Roadking motorcycle, Ideal Jawa of Mysore, India. A Indian classic in Kerala
Malayali boy dressed as King Mahabali children in Mavelikara Kerala on Sri Narayan function India
ഓണം Pulikali & Onam king_Mahabali vs. Vamanan, tiger and hunter Utradam Thiruvonam on chiaga m
Vamanan Onam's rich man and Tiger dance on Pulikali's Mahabali legend as the egg-shop owner
Onam Malayali marching drum band play on chiyagamasam  King mahabali thiruvonam utradam night parad
Onam 2011 Mahabali pulikali_band night visit to local egg shop - owner & tiger september
King Mahaveli Mahabali Onam à´“à´£ festival 2011 tiger dance function night celebration, egg shop
Vegetable street-seller smiling with movie stars in Kerala by a Malayali film

I was too late to meet the mythical Yezdi, but the trail of reputation it left behind was still twirling on many tongues I met along Indian village roads. It became so rare that I had only managed to spot it once. Actually, I had no clue what I am looking at as it rattled past me one morning near the S.T (bus terminal) of that small town of Kerala. All I knew is I had just seen an odd bird. Traveling India north to south for about 2 years I had embedded an animal instinct by then of what is normal and what is out of place. This bike triggered that instinct. I couldn't pullout my camera fast enough to aim & shoot, zooming & clicking like a paparazzi on duty as it ran up and ahead .

Walking up the street I found it parked on the dirt margin by the pot-holed main street. I got into some closeups and macros to capture this migrating bird on it's momentary, blissful landing within arm reach.

Several locals spectators stared from a distance, not clear what was they're spectacle: the Yezdi or the rare foreigner popping up in their neighborhood.

That was my first day in the town that is named after another mythical figure: King Mahabali.

The bike owner, a friendly man in his 50's took the time and effort to find some means of communication with me, the 'Angrez'. With the help of many technical terms, which sound the same in any language, we found common grounds. Scribbling his answers in my notebook, I showered him with curious questions.

He invited me over to his home where a relative has fluent English. I took his phone and address description. We did try to coordinate that visit despite the holyday season (involving King Mahabali memorial celebrations, parades and family feasts). One dedicated Sunday I went out to the town skirts but after much foot work and locals help I met dead ends in any direction I took and quit. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to spot a Phoenix once more


My India: Where every village is home - Experience !


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