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Chucky My little Boy

Chucky "Sleepy"

In february 2011, i Met a lady called sally and she was the owner of a boarding cattery and a breeder of British Shorthair & Burmese. I was really shy and wasn't talking much "Mostly because it's hard when your first language is french and people can't understand you"

When i Started working there she already had a few litter of British blue and 1 littler of Silver Tabbies British the mother called Silver-Belle was really pretty and i looked at her kittens and she had 2 silver tabbies, 1 black, 1 blue & 1 blue & white bi-colour. Soo cute!

After 1 months and a half they were all walking perfectly and all really healthy , apart from 1 , " Chucky" , He wasn't eating and had a mouth that wasn't too good but because he was the only one really sociable i was already starting to like him . Everyday i was giving him his medications and hand feeding him, also keeping him warm . probably 2 weeks later i took him home with his brother and he got so much better, but 2 weeks later " he wasn't at my house' He got sick again something a bit more serious, keep taking care of him , everyday he was happy to see me taking care of him and his sister " he's brother left to a new home and the only one left was these to and they both end up sick :( . It was really sad but after 2 months of fights and caring for those 2 babies to get better . At that time a already had a cat home " Sam" My ginger moggie and probably didin't even know about my little story with chucky.

As soon as chucky was clear of what he had, i took him home to meet Sam his new " brother " . Chucky Wasn't my cat yet , still sally and at that time she was thinking of keeping him for breeding ... sadly i was already too attach to him so every week i was trying to convince her to let me keep him " Hard work I'm telling you "

He probably was 6 months old when he was finally healthy and happy at home between the cattery and home . he didn't mind really. When he turned 8 months i had Sally telling me " If you want him , desexed him , quick before i change my mind, Obviously i booked him as quick as i could but i still had to wait about a week before doing it , the day before his vet appointment, she nearly changed he mind but in the end because of him colour " He isn't silver really , Brown tabby on his tummy and silver on his back and full of Rufusus on his face, and it isn't good " She decided that i could keep him if i paid for the desexing!! Of course i did , and now he has officially been mine for about 7 months . Waking me up every morning sitting next to me and being cute!

lately i have been taking care of another one, i like him but not as much as chucky , His name is Chester! Similar colour , well this one is silver, same marking , cute eyes probaby will be as big , same way to act and smoothchy!

It's funny who much they are so alike ! Not the same dad but the same mother !

Oh and by the way, Chucky was the run and now he is so healthy and big , even that little chester is bigger than chucky at the same age, but yep chester is visiting sometimes and loves Sam my ginger boy and chucky take care of his little brother !

This was my little Story about the one tht makes my life so much better!

Chucky! <3

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