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Green Street - Photographic Project


I am calling the project "GREEN STREET", it is photograph and document the plight of "street recycling" people. These people often live in the extreme low ethnic minorities. My goal is to create a stronger awareness and highlight the hardships that these people endure.

I hope that by photographing this community it will highlight the facts that underlie goodness they achieve making a small contribution to a "Green World" that we all strive towards globally.

They sort the collect all recyclable material from waste bins before the local authorises collect the waste. They then transport this material in big bags placed on flat bed trollies to a recycling collection point which they sell. This provides them a basic income for day-to-day survival.

The Impact:

One of the key concerns these days are "GOING GREEN". These "street recyclers" are in essence "Green Street Recyclers"

Many of the Local Government authorities in South Africa have not yet implemented "Green Waste Recycling" in a constructive and organised manner. Some residential complexes and communities have taken the initiative to start waste recycling (plastic, paper, glass & metal) on their own accord.

As a long term spin off, my goal would be to enable an organisation that would promote this concept (which is not new) and maybe provide the "street recyclers" pre-sorted bins already to collect.

What I Need:

Fund raising will be used to achieve the goals of the project. These include, but not limited to:

Travel: To achieve my goal of photographing "street recycling" it would involve a vast amount of travel, thus there will be a substantial cost in travelling, tolls and maintenance.

Equipment: As the main objective of this project is to photograph, it would be paramount that the correct photographic equipment be used. Current equipment needs to be updated to provide the best quality imaging. If the equipment can support video, there could be the possibility to include some video in the project although that is not the main objective.

Publishing: To tell the story and portray the outcome electric and printed media will be used. Facebook pages, Blog sites, Twitter or any other relevant social media portal available will be used.

Other Ways You Can Help:

For those that are unable to contribute finically there are other ways that you can assist my project.

Share this information, including posts and blogs from electric media with all your friends, acquaintances and family

Contact the information points include:

Green Street Website Blog:

Photomarc Photographic Website:

Photomarc Photographic Faceboook:

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