Photo Essay

The fall of a man.

Something around his mind.

"The man has something in mind, something that fulfills him with anger and viciousness; he's planning an event that would change things forever. The man gets back to the place where he lived the happiest moments of his life, the place where he felt loved by his beloved Amanda, now it's all gone, none of her thoughts are real, they are simply memories on the back of his brain, attaching him to the past where he once was happy.

The sad reality appeared, Amanda, the love of his life, is with another man. She is no longer with the man to whom she promised, would be forever to his side. The man realizes that if Amanda is not with him, she will not be with no one.

The man approaches the new loving couple; it is a situation that he will not tolerate. The event for he's been planning for days, has finally arrived. The man is ready to shoot, he aims his gun to the couple, and all the memories with his beloved Amanda are revolting in his stressed mind. He pauses, then realize that he loves so much Amanda, that he wouldn't be able to make any harm to her.

The man lets the new couple walks away, leaving him, sobbing in his loneliness."

-This was a personal project, I'm planning to do a short film soon and this photo essay, seemed to be a good idea to start working with stories. Any feedback is more than welcome. Thanks for watching.

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