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My Love


In such a chaotic world with so much going on it's hard to find time for the simple pleasures. Six years ago I met the most amazing man in the world. We've had our ups and downs, but who hasn't?

In this chaotic world everyone asks us how we find the time to spend together doing the things we love. It's simple. You don't find time, you make it. Every chance we get to be alone hiking in the woods, fishing at our favorite spot way out in the middle of nowhere, camping, hunting, or even canoeing has taken careful planning. Sometimes even careless planning. Why call out from work sick, you might as well get paid for your time and call a sick day when you feel good and need that get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

The time we spend together is miraculous. I'm in the happiest state I've ever been in. It gives me the most amazing feelings in the world to just be alone in the middle of nowhere, no one to bother us, nothing but the sounds of the wilderness and the gentle touch of a cool summer breeze. Nothing in the world to take our focus off each other, except maybe landing a monster trout or the next opportunity to shoot an amazing picture.

Together we have become unstoppable. Nothing has been able to come between us and the small things that have tried to tear us apart have failed. Many have been left in ruins behind us due to the strength and the bond we have. To be able to go from high on the hog when life was great and money was constant to the hardest part of the recession where jobs were scarce, money was hard to come by and fighting homelessness takes what I once thought was a miracle. Now I see it's no miracle at all, it simply takes the strength that love is built on, it takes focus and commitment. But above all it takes respect and equality.

Our love has stood strong and will continue to stand strong until the end. As long as we have each other and can continue to make the time to spend together we will survive.

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    great story and good this...

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