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Elemosina II
Elemosina I

I'm enjoying my honey moon! Europe? let's go! Getting ready for a 16 days tour that will start in London. Is august, and the summer in Europe can be very strong. Days go by, I left London, passed few days in France, from Paris to Cannes and Monaco...

Since I have memory (the good one) I was dreaming to go to Italy, because I grew up with Italian neighbors, and I learned from them to understand their language and culture, the food of course was the best part!

Finally I'm there! I'm walking on the stones, drinking their water, smelling and tasting the incredible dishes, but the most important, touching and stealing through my camera every single piece of history I can take with me. It doesn't matter I'm under the 90F that summer is giving me as a revenge for the stealing part. What a beautiful life I have!

Sure, until we decide to walk the path right in front of the Coliseum, where hundred or thousands of people walk, laugh and enjoy the history around them, there she was... probably not knowing the meaning of the place she were in front of, asking and begging for the minimum attention possible just to get something to eat. A very important moment for me, taking the first photograph of her looking at her own hands, in the middle of that path, wearing layers of thick and dark fabrics. On her knees, on that stone with the temperature that you can use to pre-heat your oven to make cupcakes! I couldn't keep walking, no body saw her... she was right there! can you see her? and the second later she was just looking at me. I felt guilty, i confess. Look at her eyes! she was blaming me for her situation, for not caring about anybody else. I was actually guilty...

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