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DAD & ALIVE - Young Mom With Instagram

She's Balance My Madness #1

Instagram phenomenon has its own meaning in the exhibition 'Dad And Alive' by the women belonging to the 'Young Mom'. As if such a phenomenon Instagram, the young mothers seemed to be a separate section, of the phenomena they are also very attractive.

Extraordinary visual and full of stories as well as the expression of a very simple, interrupted their activities as a homemaker or a career. The ability to produce visual work through the media 'super instant digital photos ' in an amount not less is not a 'fad' that does not mean, phenomenal.

For them, it is super fast recording of a visual language that can only be explained by their own. enjoy technical ease and freedom to appreciate what is memorable and recorded in the minds and hearts they turned out to be a strong reason, why they make the visuals. Make random decisions in the composition and the subject is the psychological approach which closely with their own harmony.

The visual impressions that they wish to convey in a visual exhibition of photography bermedium: 'Dad And Alive' in the expression is simple: just click-click-click ... and: upload! ... not complicated and the full weight of the technical rules of camera / photography standard, like the majority of men boast of 'toy' it was. This time, the young mothers provides a comparable balance without having to match it, "We are also able to artwork with the results: Cool!".

DAD & ALIVE - Young Mom With Instagram Exhibition.

11 - 18 Juni 2012 @ Lingkara PhotoArt Gallery - Bali


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