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Beloved by Pigeons -- The Bird Man of St. James Park

Beloved by Pigeons 6

If you open yourself up to amazing things they sometimes appear. Walking home through St. James Park, hurrying to avoid the approaching thunderstorm -- I spotted a man covered in pigeons. At first I thought that I was imagining it so I went over to him. I asked if he minded me photographing him & he said no, so I just kept snapping. He put the birds through a few tricks, which included eating out of his mouth, something I wouldn't care for.

He told me that he comes to the park most days with a bag of finely ground meal or bread, he sits quietly while they approach him & he gently encourages them to sit on his outstretched hand.There is mutual trust, he allows the birds to use him as a perch, they have absolutely no fear of him, even the sparrows will fly up to him and eat out of his hand.

It was one of the most enjoyable events I have experienced in that familiar park. Other people joined in when they saw me photographing him, and they too were delighted by the experience.,

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