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Wormwood Hill Farm: Abandoned CT


Having attended Uconn back in the day, I had explored the back roads and byways of the surrounding area looking for photo opportunities. It wasn't until 2009 that I came across the remains of this farm on Wormwood Hill.

It never occurred to me that an acquaintance of mine had actually written about Wormwood Hill in the song by the same name (see lyrics below) So when I came across the street, I just had to take a look, and in the end I found this turn of the century farm abandoned. The old man who was the last owner/operator had passed away a couple years before and the farm had begun to fall to pieces... But.. As you can see, it wasn't that up to date as it was (pump and sluice in the kitchen for water) Truly "rustic"

I haven't been back in a while and should go back to see what still stands today.. Until then, enjoy these photos and song.

Wormwood Hill, Courtesy of Hugh Blumenfeld

I've got friends on Wormwood Hill

Baudelaire and Wild Bill

A big old cat named Burn The Still

Up on Wormwood Hill

Me and Bill we're pretty tight

I am black and he is white

Only trust your second sight, he says,

Up on Wormwood Hill

Bo he likes to play the dandy

Nehru suit and a box of candy

A bit of snuff and a sprig of tansy

Up on Wormwood Hill

I will take you there, I will take you there

I will take you there

Wormwood Hill's on the Ashford line

Where the John Deere roar and the Caterpillars whine

It's as green as a copper mine

Up on Wormwood Hill

Sitting on the porch with a straight vermouth

Passing round the witch's tooth

No one ever tells the truth

Up on Wormwood Hill

And when I feel a little dry

Fill me up two fingers high

Yellow clouds roll through the sky

Up on Wormwood Hill

I will take you there, I will take you there

I will take you there

Bill went off to Des Moines to think

Bo caught 40,000 winks

The old cat drowned in a well of ink

And he's down in Wormwood Hill

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2 responses

  • Al Gieryna

    Al Gieryna gave props (12 Jul 2012):

    Your photos really captured this setting from another era. Well done.

  • Robert Versteegen

    Robert Versteegen (Deleted) said (12 Jul 2012):

    a beautiful set of images and words well doene

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