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When Cheyne Met Cindy


Months ago, I saw photos of Cindy Sherman on a photography website. The photos looked like nice portraits of an ordinary woman, so I thought nothing of it. A few weeks later, I stumbled upon those same photos, this time in the original magazine article and felt the universe was trying to get me to read about this woman, so I did -- and I was so eternally glad I did. I was completely fascinated and began hunting down more interviews, photos and any information I could gather about this mysterious Cindy Sherman. Not only was she the star of her photos, but also the makeup artist, prop creator, set decorator, wardrobe designer, art director and of course photographer.

I felt so inspired by her work that I started my own self portrait series. The first photo was a very introspective one ("Racoon", February 2012) but the ones that followed shortly began to be less and less of who I was inside. The self portraits soon became caricatures of many people, each one different from the previous. The selected works in this gallery are a fraction of the universe I've created. It's a universe that is rich with colorful characters and a vessel for my imagination. It's a liberating feeling and I have one inspiring woman to thank for.

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