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The Girl from Ohio

The Girl from Ohio - Shoot

1969 - when stopping at a gas station was fun...

Planning this shoot was fun and resulted in a 35-pages concept sheet with every single detail lined out. The storyline was about a woman back in the vintage days driving her 69 Mustang convertible along Route 66. I don't want to stereotype here, but she spent quiet a while at the gas station.

Working with professionals such as Claudine (model) and Joy (MUA) was a blast, and I enjoyed every minute.

It was the first long ride for the Mustang with the new engine and driving a classic convertible without A/C during a ChicagoLand heatwave to the set is what it takes to get into that vintage feeling... I guess. The shoot took place at 95F at the old Standard Oil Gas Station in Odell, IL. I guess it's hot when you realize the models heel's sink into the asphalt.

Special thanks to the nice lady at the gas station for letting us use the pump and converting the trailer nearby into a make-shift dressing and make-up room and an apology to all the by-standers and people that stopped by for blocking the gas station. Greetings to the bikers from Vegas.

Model: Claudine

Make Up and Hair: Joy Lynh Matmanivong

Photographer: Thomas H.P. Jerusalem /

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