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META – A shooting with Pamela Anderson


The probably best advice for a photographer can be: Always follow the "magic" footsteps. Start your inventiveness by moving to a V.I.P.-place. In our case the "Elbphilharmonie" in Hamburg, a musical-, opera- and concert-hall in construction. Still in construction, because of being planed by the former mayor of the city (Ole von Beust) with a lack of know-how, an over-sized desire and an appalling explosion of costs. At these places you have to watch out for groups of nervous people: A camera-team of a local TV-station, some dolled up ladies and monkeys (bodyguards), people continuously talking with their "wireless" and maybe some groups of fans.

I passed there by sheer chance (even better – you are not nervous), being out for a walk on a sunny day at the riverside - with my over ninety years old mother. It was yesterday afternoon and it was very hot, and ... take care: When all these nervous people start to run in one direction: make it snappy! - Follow their footsteps ... and very soon you'll be the witness of a miracle: Like a mirage in a desert a superstar will appear. A sexy lady, standing on a bridge like an angel with her golden hair moving in the summer wind – looking for a shooting. And if you stay cool, and press the trigger without trembling too much, even you can catch the world of the rich and famous. But attention: Only for a few minutes – and everything will disappear.

After all the nervous people had left the scene, I asked some young ladies: "Who was that woman?" - "Pamela Anderson!", they answered in a synchronized voice full of admiration. I am really sorry, but I've never seen "Bay Watch" on TV and I missed all her movies too. Okay, I saw some Photos in some magazines – but she's never been my ideal of beauty. Whatever was vulgar or pornographic, I tried to transform by innocence and in its very aesthetic situation. I always tried to give the beholder an experience of unbroken pleasure in aesthetics quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Lead him to trust his own taste and judgment. And finally I found, seeking the beautiful semblance, the perfect reflection of the real, the mirror image of life in an instant pic, made in a small NV15 camera: And even I like the last image of this series ... (isn't she lovely?).

Holger E. Dunckel

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