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Abandoned Orphanage

Orphanage Beds

Back in the day I started looking for abandoned spaces to shoot and this particular space was found by me as I was tooling around the lesser traveled roads here in Connecticut. I saw what looked like tobacco barns and thought I would check them out. When I went in though, I saw that they had been re-converted to be housing for kids and that in fact, from the paperwork located in situ, was some sort of orphanage or halfway house.

The site was in poor repair and much of the stuff there seemed to date from the 70's at the latest but the beds and other things there bespoke earlier times like the 40's or 50's. One wonders really how long it had been in service. I walked through the attendants house as well and got the feeling that overall, it was a kind of a sad place where many children may have grown up unhappily together in a big room in what once was a tobacco barn.

I shot all of this on Tri-x and the negs, which had been stored in the back of a closet were recently dug out and scanned with a new scanner. I hope to locate more of my works from the time and post them as well once they are scanned.


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