The Project

Shapes of My Heart

Heart Dried Out...
Sweet Heart...
Heart Going Nuts...
Twisted Elastic Heart...
Heart Peeled...
Heart on Edge...
Slick Heart...
Foiled Heart!
Heart Stuck & Stepped On...
Love Feels Like Crap Sometimes...
Stone Cold Heart...

They say...when you fall in love, you see it everywhere!


I was virtually falling in love for the first time...

So I thought.

I began seeing hearts. Lots of them. Everywhere!

It was just as ridiculous where and how I saw them. These objects and images were all found on the street, floor, foods, and even well, crappers!

This is a visual diary of my encounter, the beginning, the process, and the death of it all.

ENJOY~ and in the famed quote from 'Coffee Talk' : "Talk amongst yourselves."


PHOTO 1: Sweet Heart! In the beginning... everything is sweet. :) [object: half eaten candy]

PHOTO 2: Heart Going Nuts...Love can make one crazy, okay, NUTS. [object: chopped almonds]

PHOTO 3: Twisted Elastic Heart...Feeling stretched to the limit? Twisted? Love can do that... [object: elastic hair bands on wooden floor]

PHOTO 4: Heart Peeled...Can't seem to understand why love makes one fall apart! [object: orange peel]

PHOTO 5: Heart on Edge...Can it be possible? love! [object: paper on table ledge]

PHOTO 6: Slick Heart...Something so slippery about hearts in love...jealousy, deception, lies! [object: motor oil stain on concrete]

PHOTO 7: Foiled Heart! Use to shine at the sight of love, now taking on irregular forms... [object: aluminum foil on carpet]

PHOTO 8: Heart Stuck & Stepped On... So stuck on Love, hard to let go when it made its mark, even if it was stepped on! [object: chewing gum]

PHOTO 9: Love Feels Like Crap Sometimes... And yet we STILL look back to check! [object: dropping on crapper]

PHOTO 10: Stone Cold Heart...When the heart hardens and is unmoved [object: embossed stone]


Perhaps love can be found again.

Maybe next time, I should photograph you instead.

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Tell a friend about this story!

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2 responses

  • Susan B. Griffith

    Susan B. Griffith   said (2 Sep 2012):

    Creative and artistic set of images.

  • Jenna Kim

    Jenna Kim said (2 Sep 2012):

    @Susan: Thank you for your props!! Glad you enjoyed the story :)

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