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A Family of Hero's

11 years ago my niece met and married a young man from Mexico, she became pregnant with their first son (Julian) soon after, we suspected something was wrong with him shortly after his birth but the Doctor said we were just being overly concerned, then a year later we learned another baby was on the way (Aidan) another beautiful boy,he was born with Trisomy 13 and sadly passed away at a week old, then baby boy # 3 (Dillon) came 2 years later, a perfectly healthy this time Julian was diagnosed with Cornelia De Lange syndrome, so our concerns from the beginning had been confirmed, but they had a perfect little family, then 8 months ago Dad was deported back to Mexico and my niece then moved to San Diego to travel across the border every week to keep her family togather, she can not move to Mexico due to all the medical needs Julian has and his special schooling, so they travel every weekend to visit Dad, I so admire the mother/wife she is and both of the boys, Dillan always helping Mommy with brother and Julian who always has a smile to give despite all the challenges he faces - walking, eating (He has a feeding tube) he is starting to learn to talk and actually has learned to say almost 200 words now. so whenever i begin to want to complain i think of this family

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  • Tomma Henckel

    Tomma Henckel said (19 Aug 2012):

    Beautiful story. Your niece and her family are indeed an inspiration in real family values. I hope that they will all be able to live together as a family unit again soon.

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