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White smocks & wooden swords

Red Hankerchiefs

During August in Pollenca, the locals re-enact a piece of Mallorcan history.

They dress as either Christians in white or as a brightly coloured, flamboyant Sarrasins. They clash at exactly 7pm in the back streets of Pollenca. What ensues is hot, crowded and health and safety free (thank GOD).

They push and shove until they spill over in all directions, forcing the watching crowds into the narrowing back streets. It is all in good humor and amazingly no one seems to mind or gets hurt.

The waring factions eventually end up at the local football field where they scrap to exhaustion.

Traditionally the Christians vanquish the Sarrasins and they return to the local church for a blessing for their bravery.

It has to be seen to truly appreciate the passion, tradition and heritage that only the Spanish hold so dear.

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