The Project

New York Sliced - Time Photographs of New York Architecture

New York Sliced - The Municipal Building
New York Sliced - The Flatiron Building
New York Sliced - The Hearst Building
New York Sliced - The Bank of America Building
New York Sliced - Empire State Building
New York Sliced - The Met Life Building
New York Sliced - Times Square
New York Sliced - Cooper Union
New York Sliced - IAC Building

Living in New York surrounded by all of the amazing architecture I am constantly inspired to just take out my camera and shoot. This time I wanted to create a body of work that was unique to me and something that I have not seen before. Originally I set out to make a book out of all of my photo but have not gotten to that point as of yet. My goal of this project is to shoot about 50 New York iconic buildings when I am done (but I am sure there will be new buildings being built that I will want to add on later in time). So far this project started in 2010 but is an ongoing effort that will hopefully finish by 2013.

I went out each night close to sundown to shoot the change of sky and the transition from day to night. From the beginning I was not 100% exactly sure what I was going to do with the photos but I knew that I wanted to continue with the project at hand. Taking the photos for about 1 hour to 1.5 hours, shooting usually around 30-50 photographs for each building. I would set myself up at a location that would give me the most amount of coverage for each shot. Sometimes I would go before hand to stake out a spot that would fit best for me to photograph so that when I did finally shoot the building I would not have to run around figuring it out.

These photos were mostly taken in 2010 and then I stopped my project due to so many boring reasons with poor excuses. Be it that I shoot outdoors the weather plays such a vital role in this. In the summer I would have to go out much later, say after 8:00 or 9:00 to start and would take up my social time. The winter would just be too cold to sit outside for an hour and freeze. The spring and fall are the best times for me to shoot. I just got back to shooting this past month and am looking to finish up this year. I have 28 buildings done and will shoot probably about 20 more. The final product here has taken on some changes over its evolution. The times of each photograph was on the top of each photo, then I changed it to the bottom and in the end decided that they should be in the middle of each photograph showing how important that was to the idea.

Now that I have a good deal of the project completed I decided to post it at my website for sale but first I posted it on, another photography website. From there it got picked as a featured portfolio which I ended up getting tons of web hits. Then from there I got promoted on Tumblr and StumbledUpon also. I ended up with a great deal of confidence in the project with such fantastic feedback. With the confidence building I am hoping to approach some galleries with the work at hand.

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