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Stillleben (still-life)
KUNSTWURST (art-sausage)

"No letter, no comment - CCB is already on the road" - "The clock has run" - "Art is still secured" - "Beach chairs and huts a very popular souvenirs" ... it goes about "cleaning up after the documenta" (headlines of the Hessian General "HNA" from September 18, 2012). I had calculated about two weeks for the dismantling of the exhibition, but one of the "team leaders" said that it will probably take more than three weeks. Meanwhile "The Artistic Director" is on her way. On Monday her was handed over a "Volkswagen" on the Friedrichsplatz. But the PR event did not take place, because Ms. Christov-Bakargiev did not show up punctually at 3 clock pm. I saw the car about 5 clock pm. in front of the former home of "The Brothers Grimm". A plastic bag and an umbrella where waiting there already behind the car ... to travel with her to Rome. - The deck chairs are still in Kassel and can be reserved for 29, - to 59, - Euro (depending on the state) at From the original 500 copies are still about 100 available.

Since several years, we from INTERLACEarts!, are looking for the "sharpest" photography of each documenta, which should be the most striking and contextual photo, made about the 100 days in Kassel. There is no specific price, but a lot of credit. Normally, about this action no particular vortex is made, because good things speak for themselves, but this year the choice seems to be worth a public comment. Even the comparison of the image selection speaks a very clear language. In 2007, the "KUNSTWURST" was chosen as the winner, just because it was not part of the official program, but its latter has be well characterized. There was an installation during the d12 with a tank, old doors, trash and anything else, including a BBQ at a blank area at the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse ... there we saw the grilled KUNSTWUERSTE (Art-Sausages) - moldy under the Cling foil: An apt reflection.

The 2012 photo about dOCUMENTA (13) was "shot" at the beginning of August in the kitchen of the "Huguenot House" (An art installation throughout the entire building). The still life on the kitchen table convinced us. It reflects the atmosphere in the entire course: The view at both ends from receiver (perzipientell) and producer (expedientell). The renaissance of our time is modestly (modesta), sensual (aesthetically), real (realistic) and convincing (convincente) representing important components: Right Thing - Right Place - Right Time. And for these reasons the entire image of the presentation generated an accuracy of almost 100% contemplation, though in some individual cases the compositions oscillated only between 80% and 90%. Thereupon, the success of the "show" constituted substantially. In contrast, five years ago, we found only a successful "New Gallery" (Neue Galerie). The record of 860.000 visitors this year (about 110.000 more than in 2007) is not only caused by a steady growth of the world population, but by increased demands of quality, greater attention of the audience and an ever better communication between the involved inter-mediators.

THE d (13) TOP TEN by INTERLACEarts!:

1st Ryan Gander - "The Invisible Pull"

2nd William Kentridge - "The Refusal of Time"

3rd Tacita Dean - "Hindukush"

4th Jimmi Durham - "The History of Europe"

5th Fiona Hall - "the hunter's"

6th Yan Lei - "Limited Art Project"

7th Geoffrey Farmer - "Leaves of Grass"

8th Ida Applebrook - "Art To Take Away '

9th Istvan Csakany - "Sewing Room"

10th Goshka Macuga - "Of what is, that it is, of what is not, that it is not 1"

Best regards

Holger E. Dunckel

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