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Castells in Tarragona

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I had only been in Tarragona one day before one of my new flatmates suggested that I attend castells training with him. I had seen pictures of this spectacle, and the statue which resides in Tarragona's main street, but it did not prepare me for the incredible experience of witnessing it first hand.

Castells is an activity in Catalan in Spain where people come together to form human towers. There are many possible formations, and up to 10 levels in height. The top levels are formed by young children, and the lower levels are formed by stronger members of the team. At the bottom of the tower there is a pina, where many people come together in a specific formation to support the tower.

As a petite female of 5'2" I didn't think I would have much to offer this team, however I was proved wrong....there is a role for everyone; men woman and children alike of all shapes and sizes.

Of course, the castells are challenging, and sometimes they fall. The team works together to share the achievements as well as the falls. The community come together to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

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