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Spiral Born


In the folds of seascape

landscape memory of light weight

spiracle idea framed with mind

nacre shelled nucleus of spirit

every round cell a buoyant bedchamber

for brackish eyes

Cretaceous ear to ground's clay pulse

listening to day's growing seedbody

humming crystal codes of Fibonacci

helix of sunflower kundalini

stems branch off to fill

the solar scaffold a golden staircase

to a bronze star no waste of space

in this garden

Earth is a spinning potter's wheel

circulating lodes of rain

indolent cephalopod kicks off his lotus lid

sinks like ram's horn into soil holds on tight

long enough to become ammonite

Spiral incline of a wish

rolling within rolling without

molluscus rune of curves

breathes resurrection

sings of belonging

sings of home

builds evolution

revolution by revolution

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