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U give me butterflies........
All grown up
Putting in work!
Here Kitty, Kitty!

I was 37, 12 days after I had him in November I wash rushed to the hospital with a "Blood Clot" on my brain! I know it was "God" and prayers that brought me through. I was never scared. Only at the thought of never knowing my youngest of four kids. That's when this passion came out, I realize now. This Love of pictures. I did take a lot of pictures back in the day with just standard cameras,worked at "Olan Mills" for a short period of time also. You can look back at something you love, or even like and it makes you Happy, makes others Happy.

These are my takes on things. Seeing the world through a lens and "breaking" some rules. Learning everyday. Not trying to be "The Best",only one of them.

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