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22 go boom

I went to the range one day to shoot and while i was there some shitty faulty ammo resulting in my lil 22 pistol blowing up and sending pieces of it flying back at me and hitting my face neck hands and damn near my eyes thank goodness for eye protection.

I was not that badly hurt so i opted out of the er trip and just went and cleaned myself up and went home but after a few hours the spots started to hurt but nothing to bad!

So after a few days i got a hold of the ammo company and started what would be a long run around needing this wanting that etc etc to the point i just gave up and took the lost of my lil pistol and never looked back !

In the end all i have to say is never buy cheap bulk ammo unless you want pains and headaches!!!

ty for reading sorry im not the best story teller in the world

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