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Fancy Walking Sticks

Fancy Walking Sticks

There were a few things happening on the side of the fair where most I do feel concentrated on the animals and traders.

There were some make shift stalls that are quite a normal feature during the fairs held in India. Families of craftsmen come and live during the fair period. They are able to live as their life style is pretty simple.

I walked into one of the make shift stalls that was complete in itself. It was a workshop, it was a sales out let and residence. A small wall of canvas separated residential part for privacy.

At least the one I photographed came all the way from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. They make these only here and not in Ujjain as I was told. The whole family works in doing one chore or the other till the final product.

There are some photographs to give visuals to the story.

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