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The Living Canvas

On the Wings of the Butterfly

Taking photos of pieces of art was really popular back in the 1960's and started several major movements in the art world including the Pop Art movement. Art is everywhere now and is something that is very main stream, but something I have always enjoyed is taking photos of art, but its not of others photos, paintings, sculptors, or anything that falls into art. I like to take photos of Tattoo's, which I call The Living Canvas.

Tattoos are not just a piece of art on someone's body; they are a way of life, a way to pay tribute to a lost love, or a way of telling a story of pain or past experience. People who make the choice to get a tattoo are usually making a choice to have their body become a canvas, like a painter would paint a piece of work, tattoo artist ink a piece of beauty onto someone's body that is there forever.

Always hold true to yourself, don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong for something, your body is your canvas, how you decorate it is up to you.


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