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well first wanna say that me is rehmat and 23 year's old but every time thinking about the world and when read the story about the past so then curse on my self and about every one don't mind we are like that because let's take the example of the past why they were happy then us and why they were respectfull then us and why they were kindness then us while they don't have any thing like we have today's mean facalities and they were not thirsty of the blood but we are very very thirsty of the human's blood and i think in one day 500 hundred people kill but be4 when one person kill so all city were be sad but know when some one kill so the second one saying that. that's very nice and i am happy he killed because he was wrong person and he was etc and etc.and well don't know the reason why we became like that because know aday's every one has the money mean every one has that much money who eat 3 time food but want more and more. while if some one offer him to kill the person for money so he smile and say yes i will do just give the money.and can we become like our older's was and how can we become like our older's. and God promise us i never will die some one from the hungry and that's true. and every one has the 3 time food but for what they kill other's and why they kill's other. who's know the answer please give me.

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