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Mylai Heartthrob

Mylai heartthrob

I was at the Mylapore Festival, Yesterday, which is currently happening in Chennai, India, Usually happens during 10-13th of January every year, connecting with the Pongal celebrations.

Few school girls were pointing fingers and I noticed a beautiful girl, She was pretty and her hair was different, So different that who ever noticed her, were constantly looking.

She moved away from those prying eyes, I had to run behind her to request for a portrait. Guess what?

She denied, She said I could take pictures as she walked, but would not pose. I took few snaps as she walked away from me, So I could not get her portrait.

There where other events happening through out Mylapore, I finally caught up with her, near the shops, I clicked, I didn't want to miss that moment.

Both of us smiled, I finally said...

Of course you know what I would have said.

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