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One Chapter of My Life as a Fire Emergency & Rescue Volunteer

Mandaluyong 41

I was on-duty last that Saturday. We refilled the tank of our firetruck with water as routine. It was an ordinary Saturday night until we heard that familiar fire alert on our base radio. It was a fire for verification in Merville Park, Pasay City. After less than two minutes, the operator alerted the 2nd alarm. I messaged my friend living in Merville Subdivision in Parañaque, just wanting to make sure that it's not near their house. Got a reply that they are ok. My thoughts, it must be a squatters area, raising the alarm that fast! It was the first time I heard of the place, Merville, Pasay. I searched for the location on my digital map, suddenly our acting fire chief gave us the go signal to respond to the fire in Merville, Pasay! The team wasted no time and 10 of us mounted the firetruck. After less than 2 minutes, our siren sounded and we're off!

The photos below are some of the images you see in actual operation.

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