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Winter Blossoms

don't tell me our youth is running out, it's only just begun

I have always loved the obvious beauty of spring and summer. The sensuous colours, the reflection of light, the abundance of wildlife and the smell of new life blooming all around me. The atmosphere alone is enough to ge the creative juices flowing, allowing inspiration to strike.

Yesterday, the 29th of January was a particularly cold day after a heavy snow fall in Montreal, so naturally, I grabbed my camera and went scavenging for shots and I realized something. Except for the stark, finger numbing cold, and the sometimes overwhelming white everywhere, the details in nature are not so different. In fact, the shapes and feelings are quite similar.

The spiral of a rose bud can be seen in the curled helix of freezing tree bark. The winter sun shining through hanging willow vines can portray the warmth of a summer night. Snow caught in the crevices of a hollowed tree trunk reminiscent of moss crawling it's way to the top. The crisp transparency of frost creating patterns like the curves of an exotic flower.

If you look at the world through a creative filter, it's easy to find the raw beauty that surrounds us everyday, no matter the weather. It interested me to see that, although most of us view winter as dead and frozen, if shot in the right way we can see the life hidden beneath.

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