Photo Essay


Winter started in mid October here in Edmonton. It has been going steady ever since, and will likely continue up until at least the beginning of May.

We had a fairly brutal cold snap for a few days last week, where the temperatures were minus 41 degrees Celsius with the windchill factor.

During that time, I basically hibernated and didn't leave the house. Then again, I rarely leave my house all winter anyway... only going out when absolutely necessary, such as grocery shopping, etc.

However at minus 3 degrees, yesterday was positively balmy in comparison to the harsh weather only a few days before, so I decided to venture out of the house with my camera.

These photos are the results of my little expedition.

4 responses

  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper   said (7 Feb 2013):

    The photography in this photo essay is breathtaking. The delicate beauty and exquisite detail is unexpected given the time of year. Well done James... the reward for venturing out.

  • kil roy metters

    kil roy metters   gave props (9 Feb 2013):

    i agree with does that cold effect your camera??....

  • James Neiss

    James Neiss gave props (19 Feb 2013):

    Nice composition, great subjects.

  • james birkbeck

    james birkbeck said (20 Feb 2013):

    Thank you.
    Kil roy: when it gets really cold, the camera just stops working.

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