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Abandoned Farm House

A drive through Flint Hills, Kansas with a goal of taking hillside pictures of snowy landscapes was halted in it's tracks when we happened across an old abandoned farmhouse.

Saddened by the overall economic misfortune of the family that once lived here, yet enamored by the beauty of the roof caving in, boards missing from the sides of the structures and items left behind.

A walk around the property finds several structures, a main farm house, a few smaller buildings used for storage, a large barn with some farm equipment remaining and a another small building that perhaps could have been a guest house. The main farm house is mostly empty with a few items left behind. An old chair stands in an empty room, the floor covered in snow from the roof and windows missing. On closer inspection the chair has a cushion from maybe a lawn chair draped across it. A discussion about the possibilities of a lost soul finding refuge in this run down farm house ensues. Maybe a drifter happened across this house and needed some shelter for the night, using anything they could find to create some comfort in a shelter for the night?

This property gives the feel of a family just up and leaving. The cellar door stands open, with stairs leading into a dark basement that finds me too scared to investigate. As I move on to the barn, my foot prints in the snow mixed with various other foot prints from animals that still frequent this property. I find farming equipment left behind. A very old tractor, wondering if it still works? Only part of the barn has a collapsed roof, it seems to be holding stronger than most of the other structures.

Customary to the area, historical buildings of stone stand tall. This property is no exception, an old stone barn stands near the back of the property. The craftsmanship makes me wonder how long it took to construct this barn, it was just beautiful.

This was the find of the day, I can only imagine how beautiful this lonely old abandoned farmhouse is in the spring or maybe the fall with the changing colors of the maple trees. A trip I will certainly take again, hoping to find this house, barn and other buildings still standing.

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  • JamesHarmon McQuilkin

    JamesHarmon McQuilkin   gave props (3 Feb 2013):

    well done all the way around--heartfelt

  • Mark Dunn

    Mark Dunn said (3 Feb 2013):

    I love that you love this. Thanks for more memories. I cherish you.

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