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Time For Tea

Berber Tea Ceremony

When photographing in and around Marrakech, Morocco, I noticed the contrast which exists between busy urban life in the city and a more basic way of living in mud houses in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. I photographed in the Medina of Marrakech, picturing what I perceived as a gendered division of pastime and labour: the sparcity of women, wandering seemingly passively through the souks, selling only Argan Oil from local women's cooperatives, or sitting in the old slave market; with men dominating the stalls and space in the souks. In the Ourika Valley I focused my attention on a Berber family, with the traditional tea ceremony led by Fatima, head of the house. This story is about the tea ceremony, and the matrilineal division of labour, with the lady at the head of the house taking the lead, and the younger women helping and learning from her.

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