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Befriended with Kretek


For smokers, "mengkretek" (smoking clove cigarettes) used to be done together with other activities.

Some friends told me how smoking, when done at the same time as (sorry) shitting, brings its own pleasure. Smoking clove cigarettes also seems to lock my concentration while I am working overtime in front of my computer, or reading newspaper or book. Or at other cases, waiting for somebody. Waiting is a tedious activity. Thus, while waiting, kretek becomes a sort of "phsycological friend", curing a tedium.

For me and my smoker friends, kretek isn't merely a thing to be consumed, but also a good friend.

Thanks for being a good friend, Kretek...!

*Kretek are a kind of cigarettes made with a blend of tobacco, cloves, and other flavors. The word "kretek" itself is an onomatopoetic term for the crackling sound of burning cloves (source:

Photos and texts: Wicak Baskoro

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