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Over the past few years, my life has manifested several very potent negative and difficult issues. Death, disease, lost love, betrayal. There is a place in life, or perhaps a lack thereof for those that have taken advantage of my naivete: I trusted those I shouldn't have - I now know better. I loved those I shouldn't have - nothing will ever be the same. I took chances, gambled on the words of those I wanted so desperately to believe in and lost.

There is a place for bad karma, and that place is not in my life. Here, I purge the bad things and the horrid shells of human beings that at one time claimed to love me, who looked me in the eye and told me they loved me, only to take all they could from me and those I love - all for THINGS, MONEY, PROPERTY & PERSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN. And for what??? These are not things that should have anything at all to do with love, life, and laughter; these things are selfish and ugly at best. ...And these actions have marred all things associated with people and places that SHOULD have been beautiful, wonderful, loving things and relationships, but have proven to me to be fountains of pain, despite their initial facades of benevolence.

Here, I see these things, these people and call them out for what they are.

They will no longer hold sway over me. I promise, you.

F*** you. Eat shit and die. IN A FIRE. SLOW.

Love, Brannon

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