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I use a low tech projector from time to time when I paint or use pastels; in creating a work with pastels from pictures, I decided to try the process and re-create photos I had taken long ago, before I had digital cameras. I just project the picture on the wall, focus it the best I can as the projector has a plastic lens, then set up my camera on a tripod and take about 30 second time lapses snapshots of the result.

The effect is similar to a Holga, I think. Blemishes on the wall fill in for scrates on the film, there's a natural fading, disjointing of the color and form of every composition. Vignetting also occurs naturally.

I take each shot in RAW format and in post processing in Adobe Bridge/Photoshop, I can then adjust color levels, to some extent, clarity, and temperature.

Here are a few examples... (see also my story about Coffee County, Ga)

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