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Bartow Station, Bronx NY

Bartow Station #4

The New York Times Sunday Metro Section (3/3/13) published a brief story about the ill-fated City Island monorail, which ran as the 20th Century was beginning. Jeez, I thought I knew all about the Bronx, but this caught me totally unaware. There is nothing left of the monorail, which crashed on its first day and wasn't particularly successful during its life. But there is an abandoned railroad station where passengers could transfer from one of the New York and New Haven lines (now used by Amtrak as the main eastern corridor line) to the monorail.

City Island was a resort area in those days, but was a bit hard to get to. So some enterprising investors came up with the idea of running a monorail from the railroad over the City Island Bridge.

The railroad station, the old Bartow Station, still exists. Sort of. It is set back from a road, although very visible from Amtrak, as trains pass within 20 feet of the building. It is hard to find even using such tools as Google maps -- obscured by trees.

The building has been set on fire at least once, and the roof is pretty much gone. It is also a target for graffiti artists, as these photos show. But given the paucity of empty beer cans and bottles, it does not appear to be a local teen hangout (not surprising, since you really can't get to it without a car, there's nowhere to park).

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    Julie Salles said (7 Mar 2013):

    I will have to go there ASAP! thanks for sharing. Great stuff!

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